Omkara and Rudra face the bitter truth in Ishqbaaz


Omkara and Rudra meet Anika to know why she has gone against Shivay. Anika lies to them and acts bitter hearted. Omkara understands she is lying. Anika maintains she is not lying. Omkara and Rudra figure out Anika is hiding some matter and doing all this rude things by some plan. Omkara demands an answer from Anika. Rudra asks Anika to trust them, and tell the matter. Anika is troubled by Pinky’s pressurizing. Omkara and Rudra ask her to speak up, so that she can help her in finding a solution.

Anika fears Omkara and Rudra can’t hide the matter from Shivay. She does not want Shivay to know the truth. Anika makes them swear that they will not reveal anything to Shivay. Omkara and Rudra swear to keep it a secret. Anika tells them the shocking truth of Shivay’s illegitimate birth. She says Shivay is Shakti and Kamini’s son. Omkara and Rudra get a huge shock knowing Shivay’s birth truth. Anika also makes the revelation that Mahi is Shivay’s twin brother. Omkara thinks it’s some joke. He asks Anika not to say such thing about Shivay. Anika tells Omkara that Pinky has revealed this truth. Omkara does not want this truth to affect any relations. He tells Anika that nothing can affect the brothers bond. Their support and assurance give her some relief.


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