Veer to kidnap Shivani in Ghulaam


After Phantom and Khushi’s death, Rangeela realized the pain of losing someone dear. He apologizes to Rashmi for killing her fiance. He breaks down during Phantom and Khushi’s last rites. He gives the fire to the funerals. Rangeela sends Shivani and others home. He sits watching the funeral burning and gets revengeful.

Veer has given a big wound to Rangeela by killing Phantom. Rangeela will never forget this. He will take revenge from Veer. Veer gets a big chilli box. He burns the red chillies. He takes the box to Rangeela’s house. He is troubling Rangeela and Shivani. The chilli smoke makes everyone run out of Rangeela’s house. Shivani sees Veer outside the house. Veer played this game to kidnap Shivani. Rangeela is not at home. Veer succeeds in his plans. Veer catches Shivani and takes her along. Shivani feels helpless. Rangeela’s friends fail to stop Veer. What is Veer upto? Keep reading.


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