Anika sacrifices her marriage in Ishqbaaz


Anika reminds Omkara and Rudra their promise. She asks them to help her in the final stunt to leave from Shivay’s life. Jhanvi learns Anika’s huge sacrifice. She asks Anika not to break the marriage, as Shivay and Anika are meant for each other. She asks Anika to tell truth to Shivay, rather than breaking his heart. Anika prefers to break his heart than shattering his identity. She begs Jhanvi not to reveal anything to Shivay. Jhanvi agrees to Anika. Jhanvi tries to convince Pinky to accept Anika as Shivay’s wife. Pinky is adamant. She doesn’t want to accept Anika. Jhanvi warns Pinky that she will regret for this one day. Pinky insults Jhanvi. Jhanvi feels pity for Pinky’s fate.

Meanwhile, Ranveer gifts an anklet to Priyanka. Priyanka values his gift and thanks him. Ranveer still has revenge on his mind, while Priyanka believes in his love.

Anika feels the time running out. Shivay makes her wear the mangalsutra. Shivay applies the sindoor as well. Anika makes her mind and heads for the party. She purposely creates a scene and reveals Omkara’s illegitimacy truth in the media. This provokes Shivay to break his marriage with Anika.


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