Chakor and Suraj relive their moments in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj get mugged by Ragini’s goons. They miss their bus and spend some time under a leaking shelter. That brings romantic moments for them. Ajay and Imli worry for Chakor’s safety, but are sure that Suraj will be looking after her well.

Suraj and Chakor have food at the dhaba. They create a scene and escape from there, when they have no money to pay to the dhaba owner. Ajay asks Imli not to be worried, as Suraj is with Chakor. Imli decides to find Chakor at the earlier. Chakor tries to contact Ajay. She fails to call him. Suraj laughs on her as she does not remember Ajay’s mobile numner. Chakor and Suraj gets caught by the goons again. Chakor pretends to be dead and lies on the road. Suraj and Chakor manage to steal the goons’ car and run away. Suraj and Chakor find some way to reach Lucknow. Their car breaks down by tyre puncture. They think what to do. Suraj‚Äôs college friends meets them. Suraj introduces his friends to Chakor. His friends offer them lift. Chakor refuses to them. Suraj explains her to accept help if they are getting. Suraj’s friends reveal Suraj’s old secrets, which makes Suraj uncomfortable in front of Chakor. His friends insist and take them to the college reunion party. Suraj and Chakor come close in the party.

Vivaan and Imli’s relation is coming on track. Imli goes to village to find Chakor. The villagers insult Imli. Vivaan rescues her and asks the villagers not to speak a word against Imli. He scolds the villagers and warns them against hurting Imli. Imli realizes Vivaan still loves her.


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