Kartik and Manish to come together in Yeh Rishta….


Kartik is worried because of Aditya. Everyone is tensed by the news that Aditya has cancelled the business merger. Manish fears his business will go in big loss if they don’t come up with some strategy to launch the project. Aditya refuses to give divorce to Kirti. Kirti learns this and gets upset. Kartik holds himself for all this. Kartik thinks he should work hard and relieve his family from stress. He tells Naira that he is failing to help his family, even when he is using all his capabilities. Naira tries to manage the family.

Naira consoles Kirti. She asks Kartik to work with Manish, as he has much experience. She tells Kartik that maybe if Kartik and Manish work along, they can find a solution for the problem. Naira explains him. Kartik agrees and thinks to join hands with Manish to help the family. Kartik works all night with Manish. They discuss the ideas and try to find the solution to fail Aditya’s plans. Manish is very happy that Kartik is getting close to him and believing in him. Naira and Suwarna are also happy seeing Kartik and Manish bonding.


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