Neil witnesses Dayavanti’s wicked side in Naamkarann


Dayavanti learns the truth that Ananya is Avni. She gets angry and goes to meet Avni. She confronts Avni again. She points the gun at Avni to scare her. Avni knew she will face this day. Avni accepts she is Avni. Avni does not get scared of her. Dayavanti reminds how she has shot Avni. Avni asks Dayavanti to shoot her if she has courage. She provokes Dayavanti to murder her. Dayavanti gets back. She says I will not leave you.

Neil sees Dayavanti threatening Avni. He realizes Fatima and Neela were true about Dayavanti. Avni does not want to let Dayavanti win this time. Dayavanti leaves from the placce, while Avni tries to follow her. Neil stops Avni and calms her down. Dayavanti has done this same thing after 15 years, but this time Avni has Neil’s support. Neil controls Avni and reminds their motive to send Dayavanti to jail. He asks Avni to forget Dayavanti’s hollow threatening. Avni hugs Neil and thanks him for his sweet gesture. Neil wants to be prepared for Dayavanti’s next move.


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