Kartik vents out anger on Kiran in Yeh Rishta…


Naira has ended Manish and Kartik’s distance. Kartik still feels Manish is responsible for his mum’s suicide. Naira tells him that everything can get fine if he takes a step. Kartik understands her and agrees to work with Akhilesh and Manish. Manish gets relieved of some stress. Suwarna gives medicines to Manish. Kartik gets concerned for Manish, seeing him unwell. Kartik loves Manish, but somewhere the misunderstandings are holding him back from being a loving son.

Naira is in stress as she just has one day to practice for her dance competition. Kiran and Naira rehearse their dance. Kiran holds her close. Kartik doubts on Kiran’s intentions. Kartik beats up Kiran angrily. Naira asks Kartik what is he doing and stops him. Naira shouts to Kartik, asking him to leave Kartik. Kartik gets all his frustration out. Kartik was just seeing Kiran finding ways to touch Naira by the dance excuse. Kartik’s action just turns to be his imagination. Kartik could not tell Naira how jealous he is feeling. He does not like Naira feeding sweets to anyone or getting close to someone. Naira does not do anything intentionally. Naira tries to give more time to Kartik.


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