Devanshi’s new identity to trick Kusum Sundari


Devanshi’s avatar has changed. She has become Kalki, who has stolen the temple idol and demanded a ransom from Vardaan. Kalki then buys the haveli from Kusum Sundari. She maintains she is the rich girl Kalki, not any villager Devanshi. Kusum Sundari believes her new identity. Devanshi asks Kusum Sundari to clean her room and make it suitable for her stay. She has come back home and no one doubts on her. Kusum Sundari wants money and is ready to do anything.

Devanshi tells her that she will soon get the money. She says don’t think I m any beggar and will run away. She throws money on Kusum Sundari. Nutan doubts Kalki is Devanshi. Devanshi asks Nutan to leave her, and shouts on her. Devanshi throws things in her room and gets anger out, after seeing Vardaan and Menka together. She cries out her pain and wants to take revenge from Kusum Sundari.


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