Naira and Kiran face disappointment in Yeh Rishta….

Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

Kartik comes to meet Naira for her rehearsals. He imagines Kiran and Naira and gets hyper. He beats Kiran in his dream. He gives sweets to Singhanias for his success in business. Kartik asks Mishti to upload Naira and his photos on social site and tag them. Naira falls dizzy. Kartik keeps Kiran away and takes Naira. Kartik worries for Naira’s health. Naira tells him she is fine. She just falls weak by tiredness. She asks Kartik about his meeting. Kartik tells her how Manish and he has done a superb job and failed Aditya’s plans.

Kiran’s interference irks Kartik. Kiran asks Naira to come for rehearsals fast. Kartik asks him to let Naira rest. Naksh and Kirti try to solve out the costumes matter. Kartik encourages Naira to perform well in the final rehearsals. Naksh helps Kirti. He acts protective about her. Naksh asks Kirti to do every work with a calm mind. He asks her not to take stress of anything. Naksh and Kirti get the costumes for the dancers on time. Naira falls in trouble by Kartik’s foolishness. Kartik apologizes to her and admits his mistake. Naira can’t believe Kartik’s deed. Kiran learns Kartik’s insecurities and gets much disappointed. Naira asks Kartik if his trust on her got shaky. Kartik feels answerable to both of them.


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