Tej’s entry to spice up drama in Ishqbaaz


Anika apologizes to Shivay. Shivay asks her did she get hurt by his silence. He tells her that she did not say anything wrong. Shivay understands she wanted to tell him something. He asks her if she cared by is ignorance. She tells him that she was too worried thinking she has made him upset. He apologizes to her for teasing her. He plans a surprise for her. Shivay wants to marry Anika again. He surprises her with the mandap.

Tej does not want Anika to blame on Omkara’s illegitimacy. Jhanvi asks him to keep silent and not tell anything to Shivay. Tej disagrees to help Anika. He thinks to use Shivay’s illegitimacy and go ahead in business. He does not want anyone to spoil his reputation. He fears Shivay leading the business. Jhanvi reminds the big favors Shivay did for Omkara. She reprimands him for risking Omkara’s life. Tej asks her why did she come to seek his help. She says I was wrong to think you learnt the importance of family. Jhanvi blackmails Tej by his old secret to make him agree to her condition. Tej helplessly agrees.

Anika does not like the mandap setup done by Shivay, as he is keen to marry her. She fears Shivay’s heart will badly break by her plans. Shivay proposes her for marriage. He wants to happily marry her again and have good memories, unlike last time. Anika emotionally breaks down by his proposal. Pinky interrupts them. She reminds Anika her plan.


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