Virendra’s life falls in danger in Chandrakanta


Virendra gets bitten by a scorpion. Virendra tells Chandrakanta that he has heard about the temple, where the scorpion’s soul is caught by some tantrik. Virendra is attacked and his life fell in danger. He asks her to take her to the Shiv temple. Chandrakanta asks him to get up and come with her to the temple. She takes him to the tantrik and asks him to save Virendra, a poisonous scorpion has bitten him. She requests him to save Virendra’s life, the poison is spreading inside his body. Virendra lies on the stairs.

Chandrakanta did not know its all Shivdutt’s plan. He has taken his wife’s help and asks her to kill Virendra. He says you did not listen to your dad and made Virendra reach here. He asks her to kill Virendra. Shivdutt’s wife does not support him. Shivdutt tries to nab Chandrakanta. His wife asks him to leave Chandrakanta. She says you should just love me, I m your wife, leave Chandrakanta. Shivdutt tells her that he loves Chandrakanta, not her. He says I can leave you, but not Chandrakanta. He asks Shamla to leave him. Shamla takes the sword and keeps at his neck, making him get away from Chandrakanta.


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