Gauri spies on Buamaa in Dil Boley Oberoi


Bhavya and Rudra come to the resort. Rudra acts weird and feeds her drugs. He tells Bhavya that he is Sultan in Rudra’s disguise. Gauri spots Buamaa digging a grave. She does weird things and sings in the backyard. Gauri gets a shock seeing the creepy activity. Buamaa wants to send off Omkara and get Ratan back. Gauri hears her and does not understand her plan’s meaning. Rudra points the gun at Bhavya. Bhavya asks Rudra why is he joking such. Bhavya gets a shock by Rudra’s prank.

Rudra surprises her by introducing his friends. Bhavya gets a relief. Rudra introduces her as his wife. Bhavya asks him why is he throwing party for fake marriage. He tells her that his friends planned the party. He asks her to cooperate. Rudra’s friend tries to flirt. Rudra gets in between and stops him, to maintain decency. Buamaa takes a step ahead in her plan. Rudra’s friend tells him that he has seen Bhavya somewhere. Rudra and Bhavya have a moment. Bhavya gets attacked by the goons. Buamaa intoxicates Omkara by the herbs to bring him closer to Gauri. Gauri stops Omkara from drinking the juice. Omkara refuses and drinks it. Omkara falls unconscious.


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