Ricky to fall for Sia in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

sns ricky

Jaggi and Sita take a new look. Jaggi has become Sia Kapoor’s bodyguard Joginder. Sita as Sia gets ready for the beauty contest. Sameera is very confident. Pinku and Ricky are sure that Sameera will be winning the contest, everyone is wasting time by competing with her, Sameera is much beautiful and she will win. The girl asks Sameera not to have overconfidence, as she will have difficulty to accept failure. She tells Sameera about Sia Kapoor. Sameera does not care about anything. Sameera meets Sia and gets angry realizing she can really lose.

Sameera says I have challenged Modis that I will win this contest, I will not lose to Sia. Ricky tells Sameera that Sia is really beautiful. Sameera gets angry seeing Ricky mesmerized with Sia’s beauty. Sameera asks Ricky not to act and cheer her to keep her heart. Ricky likes Sia and is surprised seeing such a gorgeous girl. Ricky goes to meet Sia again. Jaggi beats him up and asks him to leave. Ricky does not know Sia is actually Sita.


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