Soumya lands in another trouble in Shakti

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Harman sees the people beating the kinner in the market. He asks them why are they beating kinner, when she said she did not steal any baby. The kinner dies in his lap. Harman tells them that he will not leave anyone. He calls police there. He asks inspector to arrest all those men who has killed the kinner. He becomes the witness to get justice for the kinner. He gets much upset with the kinner’s death. He fears for Soumya’s life.

Raavi and Shanno angrily push Soumya from the balcony. Soumya has fallen in trouble again. This time, she is not alone. She has little Chintu along. Chintu was trying to help her. They both fall down the railing and hang to the rod. Both of them scream for help. Harman will be saving them. Harman’s worry for Soumya gets increasing. How will Harman take a stand for kinners? Keep reading.


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