Imli and Vivaan to have a confrontation in Udaan


Vivaan is taking care of Imli. He makes her sleep well. Vivaan has got Imli to the haveli seeing she needs support. Suraj is away with Chakor on the Lucknow trip. Vivaan gets into an argument with Imli. She asks him to believe her that she loves him a lot. She finds him upset and realizes he loves her too. She asks Vivaan why is he troubling himself by believing lies. Vivaan tells her that he has moved on and now he does not love her. Vivaan asks till when will I mourn for having a characterless and cheating wife. Imli shouts to him that she is not a cheat. She asks him to believe her, her child belongs to him. Vivaan tells her that this can’t happen. He clears her that he will never accept her till she has Suraj’s child. He asks her to abort the child and then he will accept her again.

Imli always tried to convince him. She tells him that he should apologize to her, its his child and he is pointing at her character. She gets expressive about her anger. She throws the things and ruins the room. Vivaan is not bad at heart, but is deceived by Ragini. Meanwhile, Ragini gets informed that Chakor is dead. Ragini confirms this and cries happily. She says Chakor is no more, this is such a great news. Ragini turns mad in her revenge. She gets the false news by the goons. Chakor and Suraj will return to haveli soon.


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