Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Savitri Devi:
Sanchi faces new problems. Some emergency cases are given to Sanchi, Veer, Esha and Pragya. Vir deals the patients his way. He scolds the family who blame the girl to be Manglik and facing all the tortures. Veer can’t tolerate such blind beliefs affecting the innocent girl and takes a stand for her. Sanchi gets impressed by him.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Ananya blames Roshni about the short circuit at home. Ananya has damaged the water taps to fraame Roshni. Mata ji gets angry on Roshni for being so careless. She thinks how will they grind the wheat now. Roshni did not lose hope and got the traditional grinder for the flour. Roshni’s smartness saves them from the problem. Roshni and Ananya have to grind 30 kgs of wheat as part of the punishment. Mata ji wants them to get compatible and adjust in inlaws.


Karan has convinced Naina to come back home. Naina has returned to Chauhan mansion. Meghna and Naina talk to Sharda on video call. Naina tells Sharda that she has come back on Karan’s insistence. Karan joins them and tells Sharda that he is very happy and feels like his life is good, like he is absolutely fine. Meghna says you have to feel good as your Naina is here. Naina is also happy that Karan wanted her to come back.


Ragini and Vivaan played the trick and got inspector Ajay’s transferred. Imli calls up Chakor to know if she is fine or not. Imli meets inspector Ajay and tells him that she has heard Vivaan and Ragini making a plan against Chakor. She tells Ajay that there is no raw material supplier firm in Lucknow, it was a trap for Chakor and Ajay to send them there and divert them. She tells him that real supplier firm is somewhere else.


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