Gauri realizes the high risk on Omkara’s life in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri worries for Omkara who has fallen unconscious after drinking the juice. Omkara under the effect of drugs, romances with Gauri. Rudra and Bhavya too have a romantic moment at the pool side. Bhavya tries to end the distractions. Gauri realizes Omkara’s strange behavior. Gauri does not understand why Buamaa added strange herbs to punish Omkara. She thinks what’s the benefit to Buamaa if Omkara and she unite. A shooter reaches the resort and kills up Rudra’s friend being mistaken about his identity. Bhavya tries to find out the shooter. She runs after the shooter and risks her life.

Gauri hatches a plan to find out Buamaa’s plotting. Gauri reaches the dark place and sees Buamaa’s madness. She learns Buamaa’s plot to unite Omkara and Gauri, and snatch their child to punish Omkara. Bhavya gets caught by the shooter. Gauri realizes Buamaa wishing to kill Omkara after getting his child, who would be Ratan’s rebirth for her. Gauri tries to tell this to Jhanvi. Jhanvi does not listen to her. Gauri understands Omkara will never believe her. Omkara feels embarrassed after romancing Gauri. Gauri does not tell him about Buamaa’s plan. He apologizes to her. She asks him to promise her, that he will come to help her in need. Gauri thinks of dealing with Buamaa alone.


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