Goenkas to support Naira’s dreams in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta: A heavy blow for Goenka family

Naira impresses Dadi by conducting Mahabhoj well. Naira asks Dadi to come for the dance program. Dadi tells Naira that she is very happy as Brahmans went happily. Naira tells about her two performances. Dadi blesses her and asks her to go to fulfill Akshara’s dreams. Naira hides the pain from Kartik. Naksh wishes Naira’s dream gets fulfilled. Naksh encourages Kirti to move on. Kirti thanks him for giving her confidence. He asks her to be self-dependent. Kirti likes his thoughts. Naira worriedly thinks how will she dance. Kartik feeds her the food so that she regains her strength. She hides her burnt foot from Kartik. Naira’s family gets ready to witness the dance competition.

Kartik gets worried thinking if Kiran would turn up or not. He calls up Kiran to apologize again. Kartik does not want to give more tension to Naira regarding the dance event. Kartik sends him an audio message. He lightens his heart by talking to Mishti. Kartik reaches the venue and looks for Kiran. Naitik and family wish Naira all the best. Suwarna makes Naira dress up for the first round. Naira thanks Suwarna for doing a mum’s duty. Manish hides from Kartik and comes to wish all the best to Naira. He asks Naira to perform well and not think of Dadi. Naira gets happy seeing her supportive inlaws. Kartik compliments Naira and asks her to perform with confidence.


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