High Five Spoilers

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Virendra and Chandrakanta meet. He gets peace seeing her after a long time. He hugs her. Chandrakanta asks him how did he come to meet her by taking such a big risk. He tells her that he is stuck between a war of heart and mind, he does not know what to do and how to do justice. Chandrakanta says I have a solution, take me to your palace, I need to talk to your mum. Virendra takes Chandrakanta. Kroor Singh sees them leaving and stops Virendra. Chandrakanta asks Kroor Singh not to call Maharaj, he is enough to protect her. She tells him that Virendra was forcibly taking her. Kroor Singh gets tricked. The Ayyars fool Kroor Singh, while Virendra takes Chandrakanta with him. Kroor Singh scolds Chapla and punishes her.


Bebe angrily makes the maid kick out Dayavanti from the house. Dayavanti falls down on the ground. Avni goes to help her out. Avni and Dayavanti get into an argument. Dayavanti raises a hand on Avni. Avni stops her from doing wrong. Avni asks her to realize whom is she facing now and not repeat her mistake. Avni says you have let me alive and that’s your mistake, your life will be ruined by my hands now. Dayavanti says whose fate is good between us, time will prove this. Avni is ahead in planning. She tells Dayavanti that she will always be two steps ahead in the planning, and fail Dayavanti.

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Surbhi and Varun got married. Soumya faces the taunts by Preeto again. Soumya had many dreams to do rituals with Surbhi. Maninder asks Soumya to stay away from Surbhi this time. Surbhi has been Soumya’s shield, but now she does not support her. Soumya does not want Surbhi to fight for her anymore. Varun takes Surbhi to a different house after marriage. Surbhi is not happy to marry Varun, but is compromising on Maninder’s saying.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Dipika and Piyush dance and perform. Piyush still is unhappy about the marriage. He is perplexed about the happenings. Dipika adds stars to her haldi function. Piyush likes Dipika’s bindaas avatar. She is very happy as marriage is close.


Suraj asks Chakor not to drink the water, it contains poison. Chakor asks him why is he fooling her, if he gets fun to trouble her, who would know her in Lucknow that they would attempt to kill her. Suraj asks her to believe him and throw the glass. Chakor tells Suraj that she does not trust him anymore. She says I have proved you that I don’t need love and concern of a drunkard and fraud man like you. Suraj snatches the glass and says I will not let you drink this poison, if I have to prove myself, I will drink this poison and show you, I really feel this water contains poison. He says if this has poison, I will die in front of you and prove my love. He drinks the poisoned water and falls unconscious.


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