House responsibilities to trouble Soumya in Shakti


and Varun got married. Soumya faces the taunts by Preeto again. Soumya had many dreams to do rituals with Surbhi. Maninder asks Soumya to stay away from Surbhi this time. Surbhi has been Soumya’s shield, but now she does not support her. Soumya does not want Surbhi to fight for her anymore. Varun takes Surbhi to a different house after marriage. Surbhi is not happy to marry Varun, but is compromising on Maninder’s saying.

Meanwhile, Soumya is trying her best to do all duties of a daughter in law. Preeto gives the new responsibility to Soumya, to manage the house expenses. Soumya is managing the expenses well. Harman asks Soumya for some money. Soumya asks him why does he want money and refuses him. Harman gets angry and scolds her. Soumya says you always scold me for little things, I just asked the purpose for expenses, I have to show the accounts to Harak and Preeto, what will I write in this account book. She asks him to keep the keys of locker and manage the responsibility, as everything belongs to him. Harman stops her and apologizes. Soumya gets annoyed with him. Will Preeto divide Harman and Soumya using thee house finance? Keep reading.


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