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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Vasundara wants to hide Raj’s secret. She laughs on Rani’s foolishness. She is sure that none can know what she is hiding. She wants to be ahead of Rani. She plans to kill Rani. Rani takes blessings of Vasundara. Vasundara hates Rani, but acts to be good. Rani tests Raj and asks him to fill in her maang, as she is his wife. Rani gets set to make Brahman bhoj. Rani has kept the fast as well. She does not know Vasundara has added the gun powder in the flour. Rani makes the food for Brahmans. She puts the puris in hot oil, and it blasts. Rani falls back and gets saved. Vasundara was expecting Rani to die. Rani suffers, but survives. Raj gets a shock seeing Rani injured and takes her for aid.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev and Sonakshi have confessed each other’s feelings. Dev does not want anyone to have sorrow . He wants all his family members to he happy. Dev asks Ishwari not to cry now, as there will be just happiness at home. Everyone welcome Sonakshi as Mrs. Dixit again. Ishwari says everything will be better than before. Sonakshi wants everyone to call her Mrs. Dixit. Bijoy and Asha too accept Dev happily. Dev and Sonakshi come to Ishwari’s house. Ishwari does a proper Grahpravesh of Sonakshi.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali is given the shock treatment by the doctor. Tanvi has called the doctors home. Tanvi feels Anjali did not lose memory and is acting. She captures Anjali’s video. She asks Anjali not to act and lie now, she has the proof in her phone and now she will be showing this to Vikram. Anjali catches Tanvi and snatches the phone to delete the video. She gets relieved and says there is no video left now. Tanvi takes support of shock treatment to teach a lesson to Anjali. She wants Anjali to accept the truth. Vikram stops the doctors from giving shock to Anjali. Vikram lifts Anjali and takes her. Tanvi’s plan fails.

Karan comes home to meet Dharam. Meera comes across him. She apologizes to Karan. Karan was worried by allergy, when Meera has kept the mosquito coil there. Meera makes plans with Vidya to trouble Karan. Karan and Meera get into cute fights.

Mere Angne Mein:
Aarti is getting married to Amit. She is not happy with her marriage. She tries to cut her wrist and give her life. She can’t think of anyone except Ajay. Shanti’s family does not know Aarti is married. Amit dreams of Rani. Amit occupies Shivam’s room. The room gets decorated. Amit is in dilemma over marrying Aarti or Rani. Rani is making Amit jealous by acting of love with Golu Singh.


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