Virendra and Chandrakanta to trick Kroor Singh


Chandrakanta and Virendra are coming close. Their romance will be seen as part of Chandrakanta’s dream sequence. Surendra’s murder blame will keep the lovers separated. Kroor Singh is guarding Chandrakanta and does not let anyone go to see her. Chandrakanta thankfully has her Ayyars to her help. Virendra and Chandrakanta meet with much difficulty. He gets peace seeing her after a long time. He hugs her and they get a moment of togetherness. Chandrakanta asks him how did he come to meet her by taking such a big risk. He tells her that he is stuck between a war of heart and mind, he does not know what to do and how to do justice.

Chandrakanta says I have a solution, take me to your palace, I need to talk to your mum. She is sure that they can find the real culprit by checking Surendra’s room. Virendra takes Chandrakanta along. Kroor Singh sees them leaving and stops Virendra. Chandrakanta asks Kroor Singh not to call Maharaj, he is enough to protect her. She tells him that Virendra was forcibly taking her. Kroor Singh gets tricked. The Ayyars fool Kroor Singh, while Virendra takes Chandrakanta with him. Kroor Singh scolds Chapla and punishes her.


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