Buamaa attempts to kill Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri understands Buamaa’s motives and misleads her. Buamaa thinks her herbs affected Omkara. She asks Gauri about having a child. Gauri lies to her that she can never have a child. Buamaa gets raged knowing Gauri is infertile. She finds Gauri useless for her plan. She wanted to get Ratan back by snatching Omkara and Gauri’s child. Buamaa can’t believe Gauri, but Gauri tells her a sad story which led to this situation. Buamaa gets this confirmed by hearing Gauri’s conversation with the doctor.

Buamaa thinks to get Gauri out of Omkara’s life and get him married to someone else. Gauri understands Buamaa will attack her now, and calls Omkara to make him hear entire truth. Omkara gets Rudra’s call, and talks to him. Rudra does not get Bhavya and worries for her. He informs Omkara that Bhavya is missing. Buamaa tells Gauri that she has lied to Omkara and made him against Gauri to blackmail her. She gets angry that Gauri can’t get her Ratan back. She acts mad and raging. Buamaa pushes Gauri in the pool. Omkara does not hear Buamaa’s crime confessions.

Omkara does not see Buamaa’s crime, being very close. Omkara then sees Gauri and Buamaa in the pool. Buamaa tries to sink Gauri and kill her. He runs to rescue them, but falls down the stairs. He gets unconscious. Jhanvi screams seeing him. Buamaa and Gauri hear her and run to see Omkara. Gauri fears seeing Omkara in such state. Shwetlana will be making an entry back in Omkara’s life.


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