High Five Spoilers

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Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi and Pragya have a romantic moment. She promises that she will never go away from him. The goons reach their place to catch them. Purab gets to know about Nikhil and Aaliya’s planning. Purab gets into a fight with Nikhil and beats him up. There will be high voltage drama in Kumkum Bhagya. The most awaited wedding of Abhi and Pragya will be seen.

Avni makes the Pohas for Bebe. Avni has made the food so well, that Bebe gives her ancestral jewelry. Bebe believes Avni is the best bahu she could get for Neil. She makes Avni wear the ancestral jewelry. Bebe pampers Avni. Shweta gets jealous seeing them. Avni tells Bebe that truth that earlier she failed to cook the food and served the hotel food. Bebe is impressed with Avni’s honesty. Shweta’s dream to see Avni get scolding by Bebe, gets ruined.

Suraj and Chakor unite after their long separation. Suraj does not want Chakor to go away. He holds her hand and stops her in the ward. Chakor hugs him and apologizes. All the burden got off Suraj’s heart. The poison twist turned fruitful for them. Suraj gets his love back. Suraj tells Chakor that she has filled a life in him. Suraj asks him to sign on the apology letter and then it will be a prove that she has forgiven him. Chakor kisses on the letter and tells him she has signed on the paper. Suraj got saved and failed Ragini’s plans.

Sameera welcomes all her friends in the party. Ricky does not care that his mum and grandmum are in jail. Ricky makes a plan to keep a mask dance round. All the guests select the masks for the performance. Ricky is trying to find Sia’s truth. Urmila keeps an eye on Sameera and Ricky. She hears Ricky and alerts Jaggi. Ricky serves the champagne. He tries to see if Sia will have the drink. Urmila serves the drinks to Pinku. She asks Pinku to have more drinks. Jaggi protects Sita and helps her to fool Sameera. Sameera wants to know why Sia has given the beauty award to her. She does not believe anyone so early. Ricky wants to expose Sia in the party, while Sita is trying to expose Sameera.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Aru runs after the masked man. He throws the things on her and runs from there. Arun looks for the mystery man. The blast happens in the lawn. A man gets caught by the fire. Aru screams seeing the man. Aru understands the same mystery man has done Mukhi’s accident.

Peshwa Bajirao:
Baji is married to Kashibai. Kashi’s bidaai will be seen. Kashi cries and is upset to go away from her parents. Baji gets angry and cuts the plants by his words. His mum tries to calm his anger. She feeds the food to him. Baji has told her that the marriage will not come in his fight for freedom. He wanted to go with his dad in his war, but his mum stopped him. Baji has given a Guru Dakshina to his mum, and did the marriage. Baji’s mum explains him that things change with time. She will change Baji and Kashi’s relation into a bond of love.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jhanvi dreams of Aditya. She decides to confess her feelings to Aditya on his birthday. Jhanvi is in love with Aditya. She talks to her sister and makes a plan to surprise Aditya.


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