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Dil Boley Oberoi: Gauri understands Buamaa’s motives and misleads her. Buamaa thinks her herbs affected Omkara. She asks Gauri about having a child. Gauri lies to her that she can never have a child. Buamaa gets raged knowing Gauri is infertile. She finds Gauri useless for her plan. She wanted to get Ratan back by snatching Omkara and Gauri’s child. Buamaa can’t believe Gauri, but Gauri tells her a sad story which led to this situation. Buamaa gets this confirmed by hearing Gauri’s conversation with the doctor.


Khurana reminds Harjeet that he is her elder son, how can she disown him this way. Harjeet expresses her hatred to him for the first time. She tells Khurana that Armaan is her own blood, while Khurana does not mean anything to her. Khurana does not spare Armaan and gets him arrested by police. Khurana frees Naina from lockup. Armaan puts the entire blame on Harjeet. Harjeet falls in Khurana’s eyes.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Everyone celebrate Mr. Bhalla’s birthday. They don’t invite Adi and Aaliya. Aaliya turns too upset. Adi and Aaliya join them. Adi passes a taunt at Raman. Things begin to change at home. Aaliya stats rude towards Raman and Ishita. Aaliya takes Adi’s breakfast to the room. Romi explains Adi not to sign the contract with the new investor. Adi chooses to sign the new deal and goes against Raman. Adi’s client informs Ashok about their plan working well. Ashok likes to play the game by dividing Raman and Adi.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naitik and everyone wanted Kartik’s Dadi to come for the function. Dadi’s entry makes everyone glad. Kiran and Kartik wish Naira all the best for her dance. Dadi asks Suwarna to see if Naira needs any help. Naira promises Akshara to give her best in the act. Naira manages the pain between the solo act, but falls down at the end. Kartik worriedly reaches Naira. Naira feels everything went wrong, her dream to get the certificate and open the dance academy got ruined. Kartik consoles her. Naitik calls Naira to ask about her health.


Anika and Shivay think of each other and miss out the happy moments in their lives. Anika goes for job interviews. Pinky blames Anika for Shivay’s state. Jhanvi blames Pinky for all the bad happenings. She asks Pinky to think of Shivay’s good once. She finds Pinky too much egoistic. Pinky gets adamant on her decision. Shivay leaves for work. Dadi realizes how heartbroken he is. Anika fails to get the job. Her job search goes on.


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