New hurdles arise for Naira in Yeh Rishta…


Naitik and everyone wanted Kartik’s Dadi to come for the function. Dadi’s entry makes everyone glad. Kiran and Kartik wish Naira all the best for her dance. Dadi asks Suwarna to see if Naira needs any help. Naira promises Akshara to give her best in the act. Naira manages the pain between the solo act, but falls down at the end. Kartik worriedly reaches Naira. Naira feels everything went wrong, her dream to get the certificate and open the dance academy got ruined. Kartik consoles her. Naitik calls Naira to ask about her health.

Naira apologizes to Naitik for not keeping her promise. Naira boosts her confidence and tries to tolerate the pain. She tells herself that the no wound or weakness can stop her today. Dadi learns about the second round of couple dance. She goes to see Naira. She gets a shock on seeing Naira practicing with Kiran. Dadi turns upset with Naira. Everyone feels worried for Naira. Dadi confronts Naitik for allowing Naira performing with a guy. She asks them how can Goenka bahu dance with some guy on state, it will ruin their family respect.

Dadi does not want to tolerate it. Naitik says you knew it already. Dadi says Naira and everyone did not tell me about the guy. Dadi sticks to her customs. She yells on Singhanias. Naitik feels Dadi had the misunderstanding, it’s not Naira’s mistake. Suwarna tries to convince Dadi. Dadi gets against Naira. Dadi asks Manish to stop Naira, and call the authorities to get the certificate home. Suwarna stops Manish from insulting Naira’s talents by getting certificate the unethical way. She asks Manish not to break Naira’s trust. Naitik supports Naira’s dreams.


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