Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Naamkarann: Avni holds Neil’s hand, after getting disturbed in sleep. Avni wakes up in the morning, and sees Neil sleeping by the bedside, while holding her hand. Avni falls for Neil seeing his sweetness. Avni does not get scared of Dayavanti anymore. Avni’s revenge is getting fulfilled. She is seeing Dayavanti in the state she wanted. Dayavanti failed to tell Avni’s truth to Neil’s family. Dayavanti was thinking Avni’s truth will make Neil abandon her, but nothing such happens. Dayavanti gets a shock knowing Neil already knew about Avni’s true identity.

Meri Durga:
Durga tells Yashpal that she has a secret to tell him, but she would rather wish to personally show him how she is living her dream. She asks Yashpal to trust her that she can never do anything wrong. Yashpal tells her that he has much belief in his daughter. Yashpal goes to find out Madhav’s true intentions, but Madhav deceives him.


Naina and Dadi scare Harjeet by taking help from a don’s wife Tai, who is very kind hearted and sympathetic towards helpless woman. Naina wins Tai’s trust and makes her trouble Harjeet. Harjeet and Armaan get exposed in their crime to change the vaccines and medicines sent for NGO kids. Khurana gets to know Harjeet’s conspiracy against Naina. He demands an answer from Harjeet. He beats up Armaan to vent out his anger and punish him for the crime, but Harjeet intervenes and remarks Khurana to be her stepson, which makes Khurana heartbroken.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Dipika enjoys her haldi, while Piyush sits upset, getting the haldi applied to his face. Dipika comes up with an idea to cheer up Piyush. Dipika and Piyush have a memorable haldi. Piyush compliments Dipika. Piyush is still in his dilemma. Things are going on in full swing. He does not want his friends to see him with Dipika. He fears that his friends will taunt him to have a fat wife. He did not get Sarika in his life. He thinks to find happiness with Dipika, but is worried for his respect. The haldi function gets some drama by Bua.


Sameera gets the house decorated. Jaggi and Sita see the preparations and ask what’s happening. Urmila tells them that Gopi and Kokila are in jail, but Sameera is planning a new drama, she is throwing a party. Jaggi gets annoyed knowing this. Sameera asks him to come in party if he wants. Jaggi gets angry on Sameera. Pinku takes Sameera away. Sita and Urmila plan with Jaggi about ruining the party. Sameera keeps a party in Modi house. She has thrown the party for Sia Kapoor. Sameera has won the beauty contest and is thankful to Sia for giving away the crown to her. She wants to know Sia well and is getting friendly with her.


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