Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Devanshi is much angry on Vardaan. She treats him like a servant. She pities Menka on her bad fate, to marry a poor guy like Vardaan. She insults Vardaan and says you have no personality, looks and character. She tries to make him angry. She asks him to break the marriage. Vardaan angrily holds her. The juice falls on her. Devanshi scolds him rudely. She leaves from there to make a call. She gets troubled when some men catch her and try to kidnap. Kusum Sundari has sent the goons to trouble Devanshi. She fights back and fails their plans.

Chakor gets too emotional seeing Suraj. Suraj falls unconscious. Chakor sits by his side and worries for his recovery. Chakor kisses Suraj and sheds tears. Chakor admits her love and tells her feelings to him. She asks him to come back to her once. Suraj gets a life.


Sandhya asks Nirmala to send back Naina to her city. Nirmala gets a shock knowing Sandhya’s plan. Nirmala asks Naina to go back. Karan realizes Naina is doing everything for him. Karan asks Meghna to get his Naina back. Naina prepares to leave from Karan’s life.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Mata ji calls the NGO women to give them donation. Mata ji asks Roshni to get the cheque book. Mata ji is about to sign on the donation cheque. Roshni goes through a newspaper and sees the NGO scam, who dupes people. Roshni stops Mata ji from giving the donation. She tells Mata ji that these women are fraud and greedy, they are trying to loot money from us, we think they are good people serving the society, they are wrong people. She asks the women not to act. Roshni insults those women. Roshni shows the newspaper. The woman says its all a lie. Mata ji had to face embarrassment because of Roshni.


Surbhi and Varun come home for dinner. Varun planned to go out with Surbhi and have some good time, but Surbhi chooses to come Singh house. Varun gets annoyed with him. Surbhi does not want to annoy Varun. Everyone is upset and regrets for Varun’s decision. Preeto asks Soumya to go to temple and go for aarti. Harman gets worried for Soumya and tells her that he will come with her to the temple. His behavior turns strange. Harman sticks to Soumya all the time. Harman wants to protect Soumya, as she is a kinner.


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