Neil to trick Dayavanti in Naamkarann


Shweta doubts on Avni and asks Bebe to see their bad fate. Bebe does not believe Dayavanti. She asks Avni to defend herself. Neil checks the evidence. Ananya tells them that Neela has hired her to take Avni’s identity. She asks them to free her from this mess, as Neela is threatening to kill her. Bebe and Prakash question her. Ananya fails to answer them, and then names Dayavanti for playing this game. Dayavanti fails to prove Ananya Verma and Avni’s difference in identities. Bebe asks Ananya and Dayavanti to get lost, else Neil will arrest them. Dayavanti gets kicked out from the house. Avni goes to help her, and faces anger. Avni asks Dayavanti not to threaten her now.

She warns Dayavanti to get more wise, as she will always be ahead of her. She calls Dayavanti a fool to leave her alive. She asks Dayavanti to wait for her next attack. Bebe asks Shweta not to blame Avni for anything. She tells them about Dayavanti’s family. Avni feels hurt hearing bad about Ashish. Dayavanti feels her family members are useless. Neil comes to meet Dayavanti and apologizes on his family’s behalf. He shows trust in her. He asks her the reason for doing all this. Dayavanti gets glad that Neil believes her. She cooks a story. Neil tricks Dayavanti. He says I promise to get justice for you. Dayavanti gets fooled by him.


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