Avni to learn Ashish’s death truth in Naamkarann


Dayavanti and her family kidnaps Avni. Avni loses her temper. She says I got saved that time so that I can kill Dayavanti. Avni learns that Dayavanti and Ketan have killed Ashish. Avni goes through an emotional shattering moment knowing Ashish wanted to support her and get justice for Aisha. She has always hated Ashish for being a coward and blind believer of Dayavanti. Avni now realizes Ashish really loved Aisha, Avni and Aman, and gave up his life in his fight for justice. She shouts on Dayavanti for not caring for Ashish’s life. She calls her the world’s worst mum. Avni asks Dayavanti how could she do this. Avni takes her angry avatar, and shocks Dayavanti. Ketan and Diksha try to control Avni.

Avni and Dayavanti have a face off. She picks the gun to shoot Dayavanti. Riya comes from behind and attacks Avni, making her unconscious. Riya heard Avni telling about Ashish. She asks Dayavanti what was Avni saying, you killed Ashish uncle. Dayavanti says no, Avni is the reason of all the problems, she made you cry so much. She provokes Riya against Avni. She says Avni always snatched your happiness since childhood. She slaps Riya and gets angry on her. She asks Riya to go and show Neil the wounds by putting blame on Avni. She asks Riya to inform Neil that Avni has come to kill Dayavanti. Riya leaves from there. Dayavanti ties up Avni and tells her that she will give her such death, that her soul will not even think of taking a rebirth. Neil will be saving Avni from Dayavanti.


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