Gauri fakes pregnancy to secure Omkara in Dil Boley Oberoi


The family is very happy to know about Gauri’s pregnancy. Omkara gets angry on Gauri for faking the pregnancy to stay back in his house. Buamaa gets the hope that Ratan will come back. Omkara confronts Gauri for her lie. He gifts her a pregnancy kit, asking her to prove she is really pregnant. He tells her that he knows very well that she is lying, and this test will prove this to everyone. Gauri lies that she has confirmed her pregnancy by the doctor.

Omkara does not believe her. He commands her to take the test by following the instructions. Omkara asks Gauri to come out with the results. Gauri manages to fool Omkara. Omkara can’t believe Gauri is pregnant. Gauri asks her to accept it. He makes her swear on her Lord and speak the truth. Gauri tells Omkara that she did not do anything wrong. Omkara forces her to say just the truth. Gauri fails to explain Omkara that she is doing everything to protect Omkara. Gauri false swears so protect Omkara from Buamaa. Buamaa orders Omkara to take good care of his wife.


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