Nandkishore to break Karan’s confidence in Swabhimaan


Karan gets ready to leave for office. He takes breakfast and checks some papers. Nandkishore shakes his confidence by shouting on him. He asks Karan to say something, if he is not able to speak up, how will he conduct the meeting. He asks Sandhya to see Karan’s state. Kunal encourages Karan, and tells him that Karan used to save more money than him in childhood as he was more wise in spending money. Nandkishore asks Karan if he has any opinion about the tax levied on their company. He insults Karan.

Meghna and Naina get irritated by Nandkishore. They find something good in the situation and ask Karan not to care for any demotivating people. Nandkishore compares Karan with Kunal. He reminds Kunal how he impressed everyone in the board meeting when he joined the office, what will be Karan doing today, we both will be facing embarrassment because of Karan, better be ready for it. Karan gets sad. Naina asks him not to feel let down and prove himself to Nandkishore.


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