Kamini to create a rift between Ranveer-Priyanka in Ishqbaaz


Bhavya looks for the locket in Rudra’s cupboard. She fails to get the locket. Bhavya lies to Rudra. She hides the matter from Rudra. Rudra finds her acting strange and makes her rest. Bhavya does not want to lie to Rudra, but feels helpless to lie to him. She tells him about someone shooting Raghav that day. She tells Rudra about gangster kidnapping her and keeping there for three months. She says I didn’t tell them anything about you. She cooks a story in front of him. Rudra does not want her to get troubled. Bhavya finds Rudra a nice person. She feels bad to cheat him. Rudra does not doubt on her and believes her story.

Commissioner asks Bhavya to be careful, as the gangster will surely try to attack on her. He asks her to meet the police officer and take the parcel from him, which is for her safety. Rudra sees Bhavya receiving the parcel. He asks her to show it to him. Rudra gets surprised seeing sweets and assumes its for Gauri’s good news celebrations.

Ranveer troubles Priyanka again. Priyanka does not understand Kamini’s planning. Kamini spoils Ranveer’s clothes to get Priyanka scolded by him. Ranveer gets upset with Priyanka. Priyanka apologizes to him.


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