Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Saathiya: Urmila and Jaggi come to meet Gopi. Gopi says I felt Ricky will come to meet me. Jaggi says he will never come here. Gopi and Jaggi break their hopes that Ricky will come. Sita gives them a hope. She gets Ricky to the police station. Ricky and Sita come to meet Gopi and Kokila in jail. Ricky gets a shock seeing them in jail, and thinks how can anyone live in such a bad place. Ricky has sent them to jail by supporting Sameera. His heart melts for them. Ricky feels he has done a mistake and been too harsh to them. Ricky introduces his mom and grandma to Sia.


Dayavanti and her family kidnaps Avni. Avni loses her temper. She says I got saved that time so that I can kill Dayavanti. Avni learns that Dayavanti and Ketan have killed Ashish. Avni goes through an emotional shattering moment knowing Ashish wanted to support her and get justice for Aisha. She has always hated Ashish for being a coward and blind believer of Dayavanti. Avni now realizes Ashish really loved Aisha, Avni and Aman, and gave up his life in his fight for justice. She shouts on Dayavanti for not caring for Ashish’s life. She calls her the world’s worst mum. Avni asks Dayavanti how could she do this. Avni takes her angry avatar, and shocks Dayavanti. Ketan and Diksha try to control Avni.


Shivay gets too angry by losing a deal. He goes to Samar’s property and breaks the property sign board. He got into a property fight with Samar. He crashes the gate by his car. He asks Khanna to go and tell Samarjeet Malhotra that land will not belong to him if he fixes the sign board. He wants the land for his project and does not want to give away the land to Samar at any cost. He tells the people that he will not let anyone grab the land. On returning home, Shivay gets troubled by Pinky and Ragini.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Piyush and all the men dress up as women and join the ladies mehendi function. They dance in the function. Dipika gets the mehendi applied. Piyush lies that she is an old relative of Piyush. Dipika joins the women and dances with them. Piyush tries to tell Dipika about his thoughts regarding their marriage. Dipika asks them to have the mehendi. Sarika asks them to show their beautiful faces. They all get to see the men in disguise, and laugh.


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