Naina to instill self-confidence in Karan in Swabhimaan


Some people on the road make fun of Karan. Naina is with Karan on his first day of his office. Naina scolds the men and protects Karan. The man says there is no rain, but Karan is having the umbrella, he is acting like a girl. Naina asks Karan not to worry for such useless people. She asks them to ignore them, and move on in life, those people just have work to trouble. She asks him to move ahead, and not see back, the doors of his past will get shut, he has break some bounds, he does not need the umbrella, it’s not easy to leave the lucky charm umbrella as he is habitual to it, but if he does not change, his fear will get increasing. Karan worries and asks her if she can become his support.

Naina says I will come along with you, we can get the shade of any tree, but to move ahead in life, we have to be prepared for any situation. Karan gets motivated by her words and trusts her. He throws the umbrella away and goes office with him. Karan has a bad day at office. Karan comes home and angrily throws the things away. Nain asks him to stop it, what will he get by doing this. Karan loses his temper and breaks things. He has seen some allergies on himself and gets frustrated. He was thinking he is recovering. He is stressed that if he does not get fine in 15 days, Nandkishore will send off Naina away from him, which he does not want. He can’t imagine living without Naina. Naina pacifies him and asks him to remember her words. Naina talks to Vishal about Karan. Vishal asks Naina to help Karan in making his stress less.


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