Omkara turns caring towards Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri is doing a fake pregnancy drama. Everyone thinks Gauri is pregnant. Gauri gets shot by the gangster’s shooter. Omkara gets a huge shock when Gauri was much hurt. Omkara takes care of Gauri. Gauri feels bad to cheat Omkara. She apologizes to Lord for her lies. Omkara does not hear Gauri saying the truth. Omkara comes to her and asks Gauri to have milk. Gauri refuses to have the milk. Omkara insists. She moves him away and makes the glass fall.

She says I will clean the glass. Omkara asks her not to do anything and take rest. She slips on the glass, while Omkara stops her. Omkara saves her and gets hurt by the glass pieces. Gauri gets worried for him, and asks him why was he so adamant. Omkara says this happened because of you, you should have had the milk. Omkara gets too concerned for Gauri as she is pregnant. He becomes Gauri’s shadow and protects her. Gauri wants to know Buamaa’s plans. She sends Omkara, asking him to get chaat for her if he really cares for her. She lies about cravings and makes him run around.


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