A shattering moment for Arjun in Beyhadh


Maya and Vandana get into an argument. Maya tells her that she wants to go hospital and see Ayaan. Vandana curses Maya to get punished for her deeds. Maya has hurt Vandana a lot. Vandana says I know you have done Ayaan’s accident and now you are trying to show support and pray for him. She asks Maya to stop her drama. She threatens to tell this truth to Arjun. Maya stops Vandana from telling Arjun. Vandana shoves off Maya to leave. Maya falls down and fears for her child. Maya goes through the pain of a miscarriage. Vandana rushes her to the hospital. Doctor treats Maya. Doctor apologizes to Arjun and Vandana, for failing to save the child.

Arjun sits by Maya’s side in the hospital ward and sheds tears, thinking of the child they lost. Arjun has got the biggest pain of his life. Maya’s miscarriage comes as a shock to Arjun. Arjun can’t bear the huge pain, and worries for Maya’s reaction on knowing the news after she gets conscious. Saanjh and Vandana console Arjun.


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