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Swabhimaan: Some people on the road make fun of Karan. Naina is with Karan on his first day of his office. Naina scolds the men and protects Karan. The man says there is no rain, but Karan is having the umbrella, he is acting like a girl. Naina asks Karan not to worry for such useless people. She asks them to ignore them, and move on in life, those people just have work to trouble. She asks him to move ahead, and not see back, the doors of his past will get shut, he has break some bounds, he does not need the umbrella, it’s not easy to leave the lucky charm umbrella as he is habitual to it, but if he does not change, his fear will get increasing. Karan worries and asks her if she can become his support.

Piya Albela:
There will be new entry. Pooja’s uncle selects a guy for her. He is a doctor by profession. Pooja gets dizzy, while she meets the guy. The guy cares for her. Pooja realizes her family will get her married to someone. She is hurt as Naren does not want to marry her.


Mohini and Sakshi blame Mannu for adding the chemical mehendi to spoil Sakshi’s mehendi function. Raj believes them and asks Mannu to prove if she is innocent. Mannu gets hurt when Raj does not trust her. Mannu wanted Raj to believe her against all circumstances. Raj does not let her go and stops her, to apply mehendi and test the chemical added mehendi on her hands. Mannu does not deter and goes for the test. Its a love test for Mannu, in which she wins. Raj himself applies the shagun mehendi to his would be bride Mannu, while Mohini’s plan fails.

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Mukhi and Aru go for a drive. Mukhi teaches Aru how to ride a bike. Aru drives the bike, while Mukhi clears the traffic for her. Aru tells Mukhi that there is a ghost in old factory. Mukhi reads his diary and gets busy. Aru asks him why is he not responding and finds his diary. She asks him to show it. Mukhi refuses to show her. Aru insists him.


Kokila and Gopi are spying on Bhavani inside the jail to know her secrets. They clean the lockup bars in front of the warden. The warden goes away. Kokila says Bhavani is making a plan to escape from here. They get to know Bhavani is escaping by a tunnel made in the jail. Gopi and Kokila don’t get any clue. Gopitells Kokila that there is something hidden in the jug, but it’s not opening. She throws the jug. They get some chits out and join all the pieces to learn the jail map. Kokila tells warden that she is sure Bhavani is going to run away from the jail. Kokila shouts to call the warden. She tells the warden that she has the map as well.


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