Avni-Aman to realize Dayavanti’s wickedness in Naamkarann


Dayavanti wants to sacrifice Avni. Avni gets flashes of Dayavanti’s crimes, how Dayavanti killed Aisha and Ashish, and snatched her Aman. Avni takes the Kaali avatar and picks a weapon in hand to kill Dayavanti. Avni rages in anger. Avni applies the kumkum on her forehead, after getting out of the fire. Devi maa supports Avni. Dayavanti gets a shock seeing her. Avni gets powerful and runs after Dayavanti. Neil comes there and sees Avni’s wrath. He stops Avni from committing the crime, reminding Avni that she is seeking justice, she is not a criminal, she is a normal human being, if she does the same, what will be difference between Dayavanti and her. Neil gets the police team to arrest Dayavanti and her family. Neil hugs Avni and consoles her.

Aman gets to know Dayavanti’s truth that she has killed Ashish. Aman gets against Dayavanti and rages to hit Dayavanti. Aman and Avni do not want to tolerate anything. Both of them want to take the decision themselves and kill Dayavanti. Aman does not know how could his Dadi do this with them. Neil stops Aman as well. He sends off Dayavanti and Ketan with the police. Avni has exposed Dayavanti’s truth. Neil calms down Avni and Aman. Dayavanti fails in her attempt to kill Avni, and also falls in Aman’s eyes. Will Aman realize his bond with Avni? Keep reading.


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