Nisha learns Aditya’s move in Woh Apna Sa


Babasa tells Jhanvi about the injection marks and pain in his hand. Babasa and Jhanvi worry for Aditya. Jhanvi does not want to ask Aditya and find the clues herself. She tells Babasa that she does not want Aditya to get angry. Babasa realizes Jhanvi does not want to hurt Aditya. Jhanvi understands Aditya is helpless and behaving strange with her. She decides to wait to know the reason on own.

Aditya is being good with Nisha for his daughter’s sake. Babasa is hurt seeing Aditya’s move. He warns Aditya for not falling low by such wrong moves. Babasa stays annoyed with Aditya. He asks Aditya to see what Nisha did to him. Aditya tells Babasa that he wants to give a chance to Nisha for children’s sake. Babasa asks Aditya not to lie to him, as he knows his son very well. Aditya hides the matter from him. Aditya sees Nisha leaving from the home and follows her. Aditya gets close to know Nisha’s truth. Nisha realizes Aditya’s plans.


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