Upcoming twists in Ishqbaaz and Dil Boley Oberoi


Shivay angrily goes to meet Samar. He has changed a lot, since Anika left from his life. Shivay damages the sign board of Samar’s property. Pinky reaches him and tries to stop him. She explains him with love. Shivay gets too angry and tells her that he would like to die. Shivay wants to buy the chawl, where Anika stays. He is fed up of his life and breaks things in the chawl, so that he can stay in jail, away from everyone, in some peace. Shivay gets arrested and lands in jail, to find some peace and live in Anika’s memories.

Meanwhile, Everyone is happy that Gauri is pregnant. Gauri is doing this pregnancy drama. Gauri is worried. Buamaa wants to get Gauri and Omkara’s child to fulfill her revenge. Dadi and everyone congratulate Omkara. Gauri gets injured by the bullet shot. Doctor comes to check Gauri. Doctor asks Gauri to come for some tests. Gauri thinks her sonography can bring her lie out. Gauri and Omkara come close by this drama. Omkara feels she is really pregnant and takes much care for her. He gets emotional to know he is becoming a father. He is very happy, but also nervous. Doctor suggests Gauri to take good rest. Buamaa gives Gauri’s responsibility to Omkara.


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