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Dil Boley Oberoi: Gauri’s tests are done by the doctor at home. Gauri gets surprised seeing the baby in the sonography. Gauri thanks Bhavya for her help. Bhavya has made the doctor lie to the family about Gauri’s pregnancy. Gauri explains Bhavya why is she doing all this. Bhavya feels guilty that Gauri is in trouble because of her and helps her. Buamaa and Omkara get glad to see the baby. Buamaa gets hopeful of her Ratan coming back.


Buamaa does not let Gauri do any work. Pinky asks Gauri to know what she should do in pregnancy. Buamaa protects Gauri. Pinky asks Buamaa to let Gauri do some work, it will help her in staying healthy. Buamaa calls Pinky jealous with Gauri’s pregnancy. Pinky gets angry by Buamaa’s accusations. Buamaa scolds Pinky for breaking Shivay’s marriage and happiness. Pinky warns Buamaa about Gauri’s child. Shivay congratulates Gauri for her pregnancy and acts much protective towards the coming baby. He promises Gauri that Omkara’s child will be absolutely fine. Gauri feels bad to cheat everyone.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman’s anger and taunts upsets the family. Aaliya feels Adi has done wrong with Raman. She still supports Adi. Raman vents his anger out on Aaliya indirectly. Ishita visits the clinic to see Kiran, who is Raman’s business partner. Raman meets Kiran, while Adi gets desperate to know about her. He asks Bala to find out about Kiran. Bala feels he knows Kiran. Ishita goes back home. Kiran tells Raman about solving the packaging units problem. Mihika asks Ishita to take some holiday. Everyone wants Raman and Ishita to spend time together. Ishita fears Adi and Raman may fight again in the office. Adi prepares for the launch with his client.


Naina meets Tai and wants to know what are Sudha and Pam doing in the chawl. Ira gets to know Naina’s truth of duping Khurana to ruin him. She informs Pam and Sudha about this. Pam tells Ira that Raghav is alive. Dadi hears Ira and gets a shock knowing this. Dadi gets hope and informs Naina. Naina asks Tai not to leave Sudha and Pam. Dadi asks Naina to find Raghav. Naina gets happily shocked by the news and promises Dadi that she will find Raghav. Tai helps Naina. Naina and Tai get together to find Raghav. They reach the kidnappers’ place.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira and Kartik support Suwarna in her sorrow. Suwarna prays that Manish gets his son Kartik. Everyone prays in the Shraddh puja. Dadi stays annoyed with Naira. Suwarna tells them about the puja at temple. Naira tells Suwarna that she will come along to be with her. Suwarna talks to the pandit and leaves for temple. She fears Naira can know the truth. Suwarna makes excuse and sends Naira for preparing puja plate. Suwarna hurriedly does the puja for her lost son’s well being. Naira gets to see Suwarna and doubts that the puja is done for someone alive. She thinks Suwarna is doing the puja for Kartik. Suwarna does not tell anything to Naira. Suwarna hides the truth, and feels if the secret comes out, all her hardwork will go waste.


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