Anika returns in Shivay’s life in Ishqbaaz


Everyone is worried as Shivay is not the old Shivay now. Shivay has changed much. Anika wants to bring Shivay’s attitude back. She sees Shivay coming and acts to flirt with someone. She has come back in Shivay’s life. Shivay gets jealous. He gets affected by her talk. He starts staring at her. Rudra asks Shivay what is he doing, does he not have to go anywhere, and why is he pulling off the petals.

Anika and Rudra are together in the task to make Shivay their angry SSO again. Rudra collides with Ragini. He keeps her away from Shivay. Anika knows none can separate Shivay and her, as they have love bond. Pinky insults Anika. She asks Anika to leave them for once and all. Anika does not care about Pinky. Pinky feels like losing to Anika. She challenges Pinky to make her leave the house if she can. She tells Pinky that she is the owner of the house now. Pinky says you can fly high, but I will cut your wings. She takes the challenge. What will Pinky do now? Keep reading.


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