Ishqbaaz and Iss Pyaar…. Integration to bring a pleasant twist


There will be an integration episode of Ishqbaaz and Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3. Advay meets Shivay. They are best friends and catch up after a long time. Shivay tells about their similarities. Shivay is glad to meet him. He says we both have much anger and attitude, girls are mad about us. Shivay did not get love in his fate. He shares his sorrow with Advay Singh Raizada. Anika has come back home, but in a changed avatar. Advay gets Anika home. He is trying to unite Anika and Shivay. Anika also gets support by Rudra.

Rudra tells Bhavya that Anika has dominated the kitchen, and angered Shivay, but Shivay did not say a word to her. Rudra taunts Pinky. He says Anika and Shivay have a great love story, Shivay still has something in heart for Anika. Pinky does not get happy hearing this and goes to Anika to taunt her. Anika asks Pinky to take appointment from her if she has to talk to her next time. Pinky asks her how did she get this attitude. Anika and Pinky have a face off. Anika does not get scared of Pinky’s warnings.

Anika challenges Pinky that she will become Shivay’s wife again, and he will accept her with love and respect. Pinky asks Anika to remember she can kick her out of the house anytime. Rudra asks Anika not to worry for Pinky, till Omkara and Rudra are with her. Anika talks to someone on phone and makes Shivay jealous. Shivay crushes the roses while getting angry. Rudra teases Shivay on his jealousy. Anika and Rudra’s plan succeeds. Anika wants to revive love in Shivay’s heart once again. Will Advay and Shivay’s brothers succeed to unite Shivay with Anika? Keep reading.



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