Bhavya goes missing in Dil Boley Oberoi


Buamaa gifts Ratan’s photo to Gauri, asking her to look at the photo all the time, so that the child is like Ratan. Rudra tells Bhavya that if she worries for him so much, she will fall in love with her. He asks her not to be afraid of anything, as he is always with her. Bhavya really starts falling for Rudra.

Rudra and Omkara try to solve the mystery of the missing eggs from kitchen. Bhavya gets worried. Gauri meets Bhavya and Rudra. Omkara surprises Gauri by getting her favorite Golgappas. Gauri feels Omkara is taking much care of her because of the child. Gauri enjoys the Golgappas. She feels sorry to cheat Omkara.

Jhanvi is very happy for Omkara’s happiness. She tells Omkara that she wants to spread the good news, which has made her forget all the past sorrows.

Jhanvi and Pinky get into an argument. Jhanvi asks Pinky why did she make Shivay away from Anika. She reprimands Pinky for being so heartless and forcing her will on Shivay. Gauri tells Bhavya to value Rudra, as fate got them together. Rudra gets a threatening video from the gangster. He worriedly finds Bhavya. She goes missing. Rudra gets much hurt by some sudden attack.


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