Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Thapki Pyaar Ki: Vasundara tells everyone that Aryan is not Bihaan. She tells Balwinder that Aryan was cheating us as Bihaan. Balwinder points gun at Aryan and says you have made fun of our love, you used our Bihaan and played with our emotions, you have no right to be alive. Thapki stops them and tells what Aryan did for the family. Vasundara gets angry on Thapki for hiding this truth. Bani takes side of Thapki and tells them that she will not see her mum’s insult, Thapki got Aryan home for my sake, even I know he is Aryan Khanna, but Aryan always supported our family. Aryan tells them that he has done this drama to help Thapki.



Devanshi fools Kusum Sundari and Mohan about her land, which she wants to sell at a petty price. Both of them get interested in buying the land, which is very prosperous. They both are each other’s strength. Devanshi wants to break them and make them against each other to take advantage. Kusum Sundari and Mohan get into a fight for the land. Devanshi gets fun seeing them fight. Kusum Sundari asks Mohan why did he lie and leave from the house.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sameer and Sanjana have a talk after the family expresses their wish to see them together as a couple. Sameer asks Sanjana what shall I say now. Sanjana asks him why is he silent. He says your family asked me to take a big decision, don’t know what to do, you tell me what shall I do. They both are confused, as they did not think to marry. Sameer likes Sanjana. He tells Sanjana that he did not think before, but he really likes her, and he would like to marry her. Sanjana gets blushing. Sameer proposes Sanjana for marriage. Sanjana was living in fear after returning from London, but she got happy after Sameer came home. Sameer and Sanjana want the entire family to move to London.


Suraj and Chakor got to know Ragini has bought the doctor and made him lie about Vivaan’s impotency. Suraj realizes Vivaan is completely fine and all problems will get solved when Vivaan knows this. He asks Chakor to think of Vivaan’s happiness on knowing the truth. They both know Vivaan will happily accept Imli and his child. They don’t want to spare Ragini. Suraj and Chakor come to the haveli to meet Vivaan and Imli. It was Ragini’s plan to deceive Vivaan and break him within, to use him for her business work. Chakor wants to apologize to Imli. She feels guilty to give divorce to Suraj.


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