Naamkarann – Avni’s revenge


Dayavanti lights the fire to the woods. Avni fights with death. The ropes burn off. Avni gets freed from the ropes. She pushes the burning woods and gets free. She wishes Neil and Neela come there. She has become a superwoman to emerge victorious. She shows her strength to Dayavanti. Dayavanti changes her colors. Neela says I have loved Avni more than anyone else, she is my daughter, I will not let anyone hurt her. Dayavanti asks Neela what does she want to say. Dayavanti gets worried.

Dayavanti asks Avni not to come close, else she will kill her. Avni too wants to kill Dayavanti. Dayavanti keeps her away by the fire torch and says I m a dangerous woman, better stay away if you want to be alive. Avni has got much courage and got free of the woods. She is confronting Dayavanti. She takes a sickle in hand and takes Kaali’s avatar, making a mind to kill Dayavanti. Avni has Kaali Maa’s blessings. Avni says today my revenge will get completed, your end is destined. She rages to kill Dayavanti. Neil reaches just in time and stops Avni from committing a murder.


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