Sameer to propose Sanjana in Sasural Simar Ka


Sameer and Sanjana have a talk after the family expresses their wish to see them together as a couple. Sameer asks Sanjana what shall I say now. Sanjana asks him why is he silent. He says your family asked me to take a big decision, don’t know what to do, you tell me what shall I do. They both are confused, as they did not think to marry. Sameer likes Sanjana. He tells Sanjana that he did not think before, but he really likes her, and he would like to marry her. Sanjana gets blushing. Sameer proposes Sanjana for marriage. Sanjana was living in fear after returning from London, but she got happy after Sameer came home. Sameer and Sanjana want the entire family to move to London.

Aarav is worried for his business loss. Sameer asks him how long will he do business on small basis. Sameer gives business tips to Aarav. He says there will be an issue to get investors, London has some rules, we have to keep our property mortgaged to investors to convince them, you can open a business there, it has some risk. Aarav gets convinced with him. Sameer shows his proposal. Ananya gets glad hearing the good news of Aarav’s new business. Ananya planned something against Roshni. She goes to make coffee and falls down. Aarav takes care of Ananya. Ananya tells Pari that she has hit her own leg, her plan failed. Pari says we will find a way to teach a lesson to Roshni. Khushi says Roshni will regret to come to this house. What will Ananya plan next? Keep reading.


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