Devanshi learns Kusum Sundari’s shocking secret


Devanshi practices self-defense techniques. Vardaan sees her. She says I m bored practicing alone and asks him to fight with her. She taunts Vardaan. She makes a plan to expose Kusum Sundari. She asks Vardaan about the mark on his face. He tells her about the wound, which he got saved by Devanshi. She asks him if he loves Devanshi. Vardaan does not reply to her. She wants to make Vardaan realize his mistake and also believe Devanshi’s love was true. Devanshi pays money to someone and asks them to teach a lesson to Kusum Sundari.

She gets to know Kusum Sundari and Mohan have an illegitimate relation. She says I did not know this since many years, I got to know this and played a legal plan to take revenge. She says Kusum Sundari and Mohan made fake video to defame Geeta, now I will make fake video to defame Kusum Sundari and Mohan. She makes the couple dress as Kusum Sundari and Mohan, and makes a video of them to defame Kusum Sundari.



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