Gauri falls prey to Buamaa’s plans in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara cares for Gauri. He worries for her a lot, believing she is pregnant. Gauri feels cold. Omkara goes to cover her with the blanket. She holds his hand and sleeps. She looks too innocent. Omkara does not disturb her sleep and sits by her side. Omkara and Gauri have a moment. She does not leave his hand.

Gauri fails Buamaa’s plan. Gauri makes Omkara stay around. She wants him to be safe. Omkara has concern for the child. Omkara develops a soft corner for Gauri. Gauri ties the bandage to her injured foot. Omkara sees her and does the aid with love. Gauri keeps feeling guilty to fool Omkara by the fake pregnancy. She realizes Omkara was always true to her, but she could not prove her truth to him.

Dadi gets some love letters given to Omkara by some college mates. He says I did not have any such relation. Omkara clears that the letters are very old. He sees Gauri’s reaction. Dadi asks Omkara why did he not throw the letters till now. She teases Omkara. Buamaa asks what’s happening. She sends Dadi to Pinky. Buamaa gets an aarti plate. She does Omkara’s aarti and asks him to have laddoo. Gauri thinks Buamaa wants to harm Omkara. She takes the laddoo and eats it. Omkara leaves from there. Gauri gets affected and faints after consuming it. Buamaa worries for the child.


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